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Prayers For Guidance

At every step of our lives, we seek true guidance of someone who shows us the right path. Nothing is better than the guidance of the Lord who is there to guide us through all our troubled times and grace us with His magnificent glory. At the time of crisis or any other bad situations, it is the divine guidance which we get praying to the Holy Spirit. He is the only one who cares for us truly and has the infinite wisdom to teach us about the rights and the wrongs.

God guides us to take our defeats in a positive spirit, not be judgmental of any human being, show us the light which takes us out of the darkness, gives us wisdom and restore our faiths in the goodness of the world. The Almighty is our ultimate guide, teacher and mentor and the prayers in this section summarizes all our communication with the Lord who make sure that us, His students do the good things and make Him proud. Guidance prayers assure us that the God is there with us at every step of the way, giving us hope that everything we are doing is the right thing and teaches us to be better human being.

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