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Prayers for strength and Guidance

Prayers for guidance in decision making

We have always heard of God’s guidance in our lives. The Lord is one who leads and follow us with the path that leads to joy and contentment. We can be assured the power of God wisdom. We do not have to worry about our next step or about tomorrow because we know who guides our way.

When we are confused and can’t make important decisions of our life, God comes to our help. Prayers for guidance are powerful prayers that reflect Lord’s purposes in our life. The Almighty will guide us by drawing our attention to a decision that reflects the unique way and lead us to the right path. Prayers will increase our patience and soothe our mind throughout the process of gathering enough information before reaching a conclusion. We will be able to think clearly. Slowly we will start realizing his signs to us. Our thoughts will be purified and we will feel a greater inner power within us.

The Almighty is our ultimate teacher, mentor and guides us to make a decision that promotes our purposes of what we want to become, and what kind of contributions he wants us to make to the world for a better future. He will give us a sense of peace about the decision we want to make and encourage us to take action once we know what to do. God is the only one who cares about every part of our life. These guidance prayers prove that God supports us at every step of our life. He is like a light that enlightens our life with his brightness.

We can say he is the only one who cares for us in every way. He wants us to have a great life at present and at future. His love for us is pure and eternal.

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