Wed. Oct 21st, 2020


Life at every step take tests putting forward challenges so that we came out of it stronger and wiser. Daily prayers ensure that we take along the Lord and all His teaching in those tough times so that we do all the good and not sin in any of our daily chores.

Daily prayers give us a chance to reconnect with God to be thankful for all that he has given us and tell Him all that we have done in day. It makes sure that we are in control of our life. Daily prayers also serve as an act of confession for the bad things we do and how prayers make us learn and undo the bad and spread positive and happiness all around. It brings out the discipline and obedience in our worship and takes us closer to God where we teach and inculcate His teachings and lessons making ourselves better at every step of life. It builds up our relationship with God and takes us to the path of fulfillment. Daily prayers give us peace and provide us with the right purpose showing us the ways to enlightenment and happiness. It makes sure that our daily communications with our Lord strengthen our connection with Him and other fellow beings where we can do good and spread positivity.

Hannah’s Story

Do you remember the story of Hannah found in the book of First Samuel? What a truly gut wrenching experience for her and for any woman. So many families that desire to have children but unable to have children. Adding insult to injury, these same individuals live in a society where for convenience sake, so […]

Kids prayers for encouragement and success

Children are born with an inherent capacity for spirituality, just as they are born they have a capability to learn a language, read and think. But it takes time and effort to develop the ability to speak or read, it also takes time to develop a sense of spirituality. Teaching children to pray is an […]

Praying for Children Protection and blessings

The redemption of our children’s is invaluable, their spiritual needs far outweigh their physical demands. They need our heartfelt prayers for their first repentance and coming to Christ by faith, as well as for their life of continuing increase in faith, both with hearts aflame. Matthew Henry rightly declared that it’s of far more value […]