Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Prayers for thanksgiving

Everyday is supposed to be thanked for. We should always offer a prayer for thanksgiving to the Lord every single day in order to show our gratitude toward Him. However, since we are more concerned on what we should accomplish to prove to others our worth, we tend to focus more on what we think we lack and that robs the joy that wells off from the greater things that we have than achievements. Mostly, our busy lifestyle makes us forget the most simple yet significant task – to utter a prayer for thanksgiving.

Yes, we need to work and we need to earn to reach our goals in life, but not everything in life is all about getting and achieving. In fact, if we could just clearly see, we already have what we ever needed and wanted.

We have set so much by schedules. Priorities are prioritized. What is valued to be right is more dependent on what others might say or think. You only have a voice if you can pay. You only have the right if you are powerful. And you are justified by from where you came from, rather than by the integrity you earned by becoming faithful. We have lined up living so much in a hierarchy yet a chaotic system. The problem is, we are the first and sole violators because when humanity turns back to its nature, it simplifies and boils down to the basics. That standard could never afford to sustain because it’s all up to us how to be humble enough or to act in humility. It’s still a matter of attitude. Proud people would never get what it means. They often neglect to communicate with God and offer him a prayer for thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is just quite the opposite of the kind of compromised living that we let ourselves embraced. Thanking something for, even in the midst of trial or difficulty, makes us count what we have and appreciate them. It makes our true strength come out – our power to believe and hope for the best because we know that nothing could be withheld from a person whose only reason to live by is to love and be loved. With love, we all deserve to be accepted for who we are.

We just see ourselves, as we give thanks everyday, deserving to be blessed and be blessed and just be blessed. Everything that we have is a blessing. Everything we possess is a blessing. It is therefore right to offer a prayer for thanksgiving to the Lord.

Everything we act, say, think, feel, do, achieve, dream, love, feel and much more is a blessing to be appreciated. There’s nothing we can earn for that we do not have. We’re all gifted with these talents that could only be grown by the same way we received them. The more you are thankful, the more blessed you become.

Someone has just given us blessings on a daily basis. With this, He deserves our honest praise. So never forget to utter a prayer for thanksgiving every day.

By Eric

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