Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Family prayers for unity and protection

Family Unity is the most precious love, commitment, and support of family to cherish together. The affection we get from our family members is the most cherishable thing one may have. The family members are the only persons who always guides to the right path. Our family members prays for the wellness and prosperity of each other in the family. At times when God doesn’t show his grace to you the family still stands with you.

“A family that prays together stays together”, says a lot. The family praying together makes you powerful. It makes us realize of  the unity in the family which is a powerful weapon to fight with all the odds in life. In the busy schedule, technology and distractions a family prayer brings all the members of the family together that shows how much the family loves you and your love for them. It is sometimes very important to change the focus of our family from the world to the Lord, and the mood of our households from one of frustration to one of peace and joy. Praying together as a family means each member learns what is the meaning of being intimate with the God.

Family prayer is serene and makes us realize of our affection and forgiveness towards our family members. The family is a small church and our ministry first starts at home. If you have a good family bonding it leads to excel in your profession as well as maintain a good reputation among your colleagues.

Children are the gift of God. It is the duty of parents to inculcate in them the values and characters they need to become good human beings. Praying together instills them with moral values and respect for everyone.

By Eric

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