Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Forgiveness prayers to overcome hate

Hate has become quite a common word these days. When we feel offended we allow the hurt to germinate in our heart. We talk about things we hate when we really dislike something. However, there are times when hatred keeps growing within us. Once it keeps growing, it will destroy and kill. As soon as we allow hate to take over, we allow darkness to enter into us. It clouds our judgment, makes us more negative, and adds bitterness to our lives.

However, God offers us some direction for every trouble that we face. He tells us that by forgiving and accepting we can overcome hate and replace it with love. He gives us a chance to bring the light back into our hearts, no matter how much we try to hold onto the hatred. Forgiveness prayers can help you get close to God. The Lord can be your strength. He will teach you to control your anger and hatred. These prayers can calm the rage within you and heal you completely. Anger and hatred can easily be dispelled with love.

God tells us that hatred is equal to murder and so we must take his help to fight this inner distress. It is true that sometime forgiving difficult aspects of our lives. But, the Almighty will help you to understand that this hatred will be of no benefit and will keep strangling you within. All you need to do is forgive and forget. That is the only way you can relieve yourself of this trouble. If you keep thinking you will be driven more into darkness. God says that hatred is on itself a sin. The more you learn to release your anger the more you will be saved from committing a sin. These prayers will guide you to the right direction will enlighten and make you successful in life.

By Eric

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