Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Kids prayers for encouragement and success

Children are born with an inherent capacity for spirituality, just as they are born they have a capability to learn a language, read and think. But it takes time and effort to develop the ability to speak or read, it also takes time to develop a sense of spirituality. Teaching children to pray is an important part of introducing them to God and reinforcing in them the importance of praying in daily life. The children taught to pray are always motivated, the innocent souls have a feeling that they talk to God by their prayer as like their mom and dad and attentive to what he says.

Lord gave us prayer to communicate with him directly, and getting children comfortable with prayer helps them to understand that God is always close and accessible. This builds a feeling of trust within himself which is a path for a child’s success. Praying is a good habit,it should be reinforced as a regular part of life as early as possible. Once a child learns to communicate verbally, he can learn to pray in his own way. The conversation with God shows his unending love and power, this realization makes him powerful. Children’s prayer of blessing at bedtime or any other time of the day can bring comfort, reassurance, and hope to your child's heart.

Prayer should be in God's favor, protection, and peace. Learning to thank Lord will make your child grateful towards his family members and teachers. Prayer keeps children relaxed and helps to be focused in his life. The parents however protective they may be, they cannot shield or cover them from evils. But the prayers act as a barrier and guides your child to keep himself away from the devilish minds.

By Eric

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