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Prayers For Peace

With so much chaos and disturbances in the world, prayers of peace work in ending the tensions and help to spread the joy. God help us to end all the hatred, injury, pardon, doubt, terrorism, darkness and sadness and wants us to work and prosper in peaceful and serene atmosphere where everybody is happy and cheerful. These prayers bring peace to the world and o the hearts of every individual who in himself/herself is fighting their own battles and are lost in the ways.

Peace prayers are inspiring and show ways to the weary and burdened and bring them peace of mind. In the world full of poverty, oppression, violence and vengeance, these prayers give us faith and heal our bodies, mind and spirits. If you are a victim of injustice in life, know that the Lord has its way to bring you love and justice and make you hopeful. All the anger that resides inside you, prayers of peace gives you serenity, patience and burns away the worries. These prayers are told to calm and ooze the healing hearts that are going through tough times. It also spread the message of peace out to the world and teaches us that war is not a solution but a problem.

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