Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Love Prayer for Relationships Strengthening

Prayer for Relationships Strengthening important to each and every person in life. Why? Because you were created to be in relationship. In fact, the Godhead has been in relationship for all of eternity. The Father, The Son and The Spirit have lived in perfect unity for all of eternity. It is the desire of God, that our relationship to Him and relationship to each other model this as a testimony to who He truly is.

Unfortunately, so many relationships get off course, misguided and downright messed up because they are not focused in on the purpose of the relationship in the first place… to honor God and to reflect God. When we live for ourselves, relationships can go awry. When we live for someone else, other than God, relationships can sour quickly. Inherent in every relationship is the opportunity to reflect the glory of God and thus honor him. Prayer for Relationship to live this way.

Today, focus on the relationships within your life that are of great importance, that have great significance… the relationships with other believers. Often time, we can take this for granted or ignore these relationships. Often time, we can relegate these relationships to nothing more than acquaintances that we see once a week. Be encouraged! Be strengthened! Fight for the growth and strengthening of these relationships. Pray that you begin to live life on life with those around you that know Christ.

Scripture says in Hebrews 10:24-25… And let us take thought of how to spur one another on to love and good works,not abandoning our own meetings, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging each other, and even more so because you see the day drawing near.

When is the last time you encouraged another bother or sister in Christ? When is the last time you were encouraged by a brother or sister in Christ? What about being spurred on or spurring another person on in their faith? These relationship matter! These relationships matter to you, they matter to them, they matter to the church and they matter to God Himself.

Do not neglect these relationships, but pray for them.

Love Prayer for Relationships Strengthening

Pray for Your Brother / Sister in Christ: Prayer for Relationships Strengthening

Oh holy God in Heaven, I want to lift up the life of (name of friend) and our relationship before you today. I want to ask that our relationship be strengthened and be one of constant encouragement. I ask that our friendship, be one that reflects your desires and is consistent with your mission. You have brought us together for more than we could have ever imagined and I want to make sure that in my being faithful to you, that they know You more clearly and desire to follow You more closely.

I also ask Lord, that because of them in my life, that I would know You more intimately and follow You more closely as well. May our relationship also encourage other believers to have similar relationships. Ultimately Lord, I want you to be glorified by the relationships in my life. In every relationship, I pray that You would be honored, Your glory reflected and Your majesty displayed. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

By Eric

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