Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
We should do prayer for prosperity and discernment

A while back, with great popularity, one verse within scripture came to the forefront of the Christian consciousness. I Chronicles 4:10, better known as the Prayer of Jabez, became popular and unfortunately misunderstood (but maybe for different reasons than most people ascribed to it). A prayer for prosperity is not wrong. However, a prayer for prosperity for your own selfish gain is. When the prosperity is intended for the kingdom of heaven and the will of God, then it is absolutely in line with the whole of scripture. It was sad, to watch well meaning people, pray for things like the lottery in an attempt to get rich. Scripture never promises riches and wealth. In fact, scripture (biblical Christianity) does not describe the Christian life as one of ease and comfort. Yet, we still understand scripture to say that God wants to bless us beyond measure. It is important to understand and grasp what that blessing is intended to be.

The blessing His Christ Himself and His kingdom. So, as the church, we should be praying that God would grant us anything and everything needed to expand the kingdom. Sometimes this is wealth; sometimes it is land, or businesses, or talents or friendships or difficulties. We should do prayer for prosperity and discernment, strength to battle the lure of temptation and discernment to know what is from Him.

Prayer for Prosperity :

Heavenly Father, it is with an excited heart that I come before you at this moment. I am asking you to expand my influence and my impact in this current world for Your kingdom. I want to be careful not to center my heart and emotions on the acquiring of things and money, but only to center my affections on You. It is because I love You and want to serve You with the whole of my heart and with everything that you have given to me.

Should you desire to increase my wealth Lord, allow me to give it all back to you. Should you desire to increase my influence Lord, may I use it for you. Should you desire to grow my business Lord, may I dedicate all of it to you. I want to use everything You have given me and use it to reflect Your glory. Help me to be wise as I desire to multiply the talents that you have given me. Help me to live with intentional. I want to be intentional with my words, my possessions, my time. Prosper me as I remain kingdom focused and centered. I pray that people will see You and not me in my success. It is for Your glory alone that I live. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

By Eric

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