Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Candle on hand Praying for Good

Whenever you are fearful, you probably always think that hopefully there could be someone who can rescue or protect you. Worry no more. Why look for someone when you have God to protect you all the time? Keep in mind that the Lord is the Great Protector. By saying a prayers for protection, He will deliver you from evil and other harmful elements there are. God is the one who covers, shelters, defends and watches over you. Uttering a prayer is calling His name for protection.

When you pray for His protection, you will be able to remind yourself that you live in a lengthy tradition of religion and have faith in Him as your protector and guardian. The Lord will never disappoint you whenever you call His name. You are probably thinking that your prayers are left unanswered. But the truth is, He speaks to you in ways you do not notice. When you say a prayers for protection, you are asking God to guide you all the time, protect you from harm and lead you to the right path.

Saying a prayer is like opening your heart to the Lord and treating Him as a friend who can protect and guide you all the time. Through the influence of the Holy Spirit, you will always be protected wherever you go and whatever you do. Never hesitate to say a prayers for protection whenever you are fearful or afraid. God is always with you and by uttering a prayer, you will be protected by His unerring power. This type of prayer can be done by everyone.

Speak your heart and mind to the Lord. Ask him to protect you from natural disasters, accidents and mishaps. Say a prayer whenever you are about to travel, no matter how far your destination is. Never forget to pray before you go to bed every night. Although you are comfortably asleep, you definitely need the protection of the Lord.

Through the precious blood of Jesus, you will be protected from your enemies and other harmful elements. In this modern society, there are a lot of things that could possibly happen. There are different sources of harm or danger. Yet, the Lord knows the heart of His people. God will never allow you to live in fear or anxiety, that is why you can always say a prayers for protection and ask for His guidance everyday. A heart-felt prayer will make you feel protected, at ease and calm.

By Eric

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