Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Family Prayers for protection

God’s Justice is often overlooked by His people. Justice can be a scary word to many. The idea of punishment and getting what you deserve (or feel like you do not deserve) often comes to mind. Yet, there are more aspects to justice and righteousness than this.

In the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew chapters 5-7, we see that those who seek justice and righteousness are blessed. In fact, they will be satisfied. Ensuring that justice and righteousness reign in the land, is part of our duty and our delight. If you were to think about those who have been abducted and kidnapped, only forced to work in the horrible atrocities of sex trafficking and slavery… it breaks your heart and the heart of God. God’s people are to fight for what is just and right. Not only does this mean bringing those responsible to justice but to free those enslaved because what they are experiencing is not right, not just and not the heart or will of God.

This is important for another reason, to ensure you that God’s desire for justice and righteousness also extends to you and your family. He desires to protect you and provide for you. Read Psalm 71. Be encouraged and strengthened. In this Psalm, you learn that God is your shelter… your protection. He will vindicate and deliver you. He will deal with those shoo oppress you and in this you can have confidence,. When your strength fails, His will endure. You can rejoice that His justice has no boundaries, it reaches to the skies.

We serve a mighty God who indeed desires to protect each one of His children. So do today prayers for protection, seek to hide within that refuge.

Family Prayers for Protection :

Thank you Lord for loving me and caring for me. Thank you Lord that you look after every detail of my life and that nothing exists beyond the scope of your eyes. It is in You alone that I can take refuge and know that You will protect me.

I ask today that you would protect and deliver me and my family from those who threaten. I ask Lord God in heaven that you would surround us with Your mighty arms and that you would transform the heart of my enemy. Father, without you we are vulnerable and susceptible to all kinds of attacks. I continually recognize my frailty and weakness. On my own Lord, I will fail. I pray for strength, I pray for encouragement, I pray for endurance. You alone can provide what I need and what my family needs. You alone are my rock and my hiding place. I pray that I would never fall prey to improper thoughts that I can do this on my own. I only ask that you keep me dependent upon You and that you would be glorified by my trust in You and praise of You. I will sing of your praises and how you have both protected and delivered me. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

By Eric

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