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Most of the times, the pressures and situations of life push you to the corner where darkness resides and takes away your soul in the dim alley. When you lose your energy and lack your motivation that is where the Strength prayers help us out. It takes us from being helpless to hopeful and make sure that we move forward. The words of wisdom from strength prayers, Lord make sure that we regain our power and hope and fight all the harmful and evil things. It makes our fears vanish and keeps our convictions strong.

For all the struggles we go through and the overwhelming things that hover over us, prayers of strength make sure that the God comes to our rescue, rediscover our lost strength and inspire us to be the best at our worst and strive towards good things even when the currents are against us. The Lord sustains what is hopeful and shows us the light taking us out of the obscurity and making our beliefs stronger. Prayers of strength motivate us, encourage us and boost up our spirits so that we can face every difficult situation in life like a warrior. It spreads the positive aura around us and our loved one’s making us much more powerful and tougher.

Philippians 4:13 says, “I am able to do all things through the one who strengthens me.”

Every person on the face of the earth needs to be strengthened. Not every person realizes this. Blessed is the person who recognizes their need for God and the strength which He provides. If you are this person, the one who needs the strength of the Lord, then visit this section for scripture that inspires and prayers that are sincere in their requests before the Lord.


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