Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Prayers of love For unbreakable relationship

Life is all about sharing and experiencing love. Relationship is a very sweet bond between two persons which should grow stronger with each passing day. However, at times some relations fall apart with time or the bond gets weaker.

This is exactly when Lord can help you with all his heart and love. Prayers for love can help you get back true love. The Almighty has great power and always showers us with his love and blessings. Those who wish for an unbreakable relationship can seek for help. Prayers of love can help you develop a depth of love and attachment within you. Pray that you may be permitted to share that love with a true and lasting soul-mate. God would bring into your life that kindred-sprit and soul-mate, whose love for you would be eternal. Lord will intervene in your relationship and make the bond between you and your soul mate unbreakable and resistant to all tough situations and times.

Lord will touch your heart and soul and build up a sense of faith and trust within you. If you have faith in your lord then he will get you out of this difficult time and establish a really strong bond that stays stronger forever and ever. God will keep all evil thoughts away from your minds and give you all the strength to keep your love and respect for each other alive till eternity. If you have faith in Lord and prayers of love then God will be pleased to help you and will definitely answer to all your prayers.

By Eric

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