Fri. Jan 15th, 2021
Praying for Children Protection and blessings

The redemption of our children’s is invaluable, their spiritual needs far outweigh their physical demands. They need our heartfelt prayers for their first repentance and coming to Christ by faith, as well as for their life of continuing increase in faith, both with hearts aflame. Matthew Henry rightly declared that it’s of far more value for parents who die than it’s to leave behind a treasury of gold and silver, to leave behind a treasury of prayers for their children’s. She’d little to pass on to her children’s economically, but we do value the years of prayers that my dad and she stored up for us.

When their fiftieth wedding anniversary was commemorated by my parents, all five of us children’s chose to thank my parents to begin with they’d done for us. Without prior discussion, each of us selected to thank my mom for her prayers. We understood that over a long time, she’d prayed earnestly, fervently and earnestly for every one of us. God blesses the heartfelt prayers of parents to the eternal and spiritual well being of their children’s. According to God’s assurance, the children has to be obtained as members of the church by baptism and of believing parents are a part of the covenant of grace.

This guarantee is valuable, as well as the privileges it confers on our children’s are wonderful really. They give us no reason to assume our children’s are regenerate and no reason to take care of them as such before they come to repentance and saving faith. We baptize babies based on many points, although not on account of Presumptive regeneration. The outcomes of this view, which says that we have to presume unless by flagrant sin they demonstrate otherwise, all covenant children are regenerate, may be rather awful. Knowing God personally and savingly is subsequently replaced with betrothal in Kingdom tasks in church, in the home, at school, as well as in the city at large.

Nicodemus was emotionally blind to the truths of God realm until he was born again. Aside from a rescue the work of God’s grace, our children’s are sinful and fallen, not righteous. The children’s of believers have an outside holiness-a position in the church that is visible nevertheless they don’t share in the redemption promised in the covenant unless and until the Holy Spirit regenerates them. He should convert the children’s of Abraham to allow them in order to have the blessing God promised to Abraham. Christian parents need to pray for the redemption of their children’s and call their children’s for His blood alone cleanses us from all sin to trust Jesus Christ as the only Savior. God did really make a promise to Abraham that he’d be a God to his children’s, to him, and also to their children’s after them-to a thousand generations.

By Eric

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